Road safety scheme upgraded at Gosbecks Primary School  

On 20 June 2022, Gosbecks Primary School celebrated upgrading their North Essex Parking Partnership’s (NEPP) Silver 3PR package to Gold, improving road safety for their 300 pupils. 

3PR, which represents the three Parking Rules of Care, Consideration and Caution (originally created by the South Essex Parking Partnership), delivers a positive message about school parking and provides advice and guidance to children, parents and carers on safe and considerate parking practices.   

The package includes a morning Park and Stride, a scheme where parents can feel confident parking away from the school gates – at the Berechurch Arms – to complete the rest of the journey on foot each morning. This is to reduce the amount of congestion and cars stopping to drop off pupils outside the gates, potentially obstructing the view of pedestrians.  

The school will also be introducing 3PR walking tokens, where pupils collect tokens for walking, scooting, or cycling to school. This lessens the number of cars at the school gates and engages pupils by collecting tokens in competition with other classes to be awarded the coveted 3PR trophy and extra playtime.  

In addition to the above the school will be provided with an array of 3PR resources including 3PR Hi Vis jackets, information leaflets, signage, an educational PowerPoint Presentation and much more.  

Cllr Sue Lissimore, North Essex Parking Partnership Chair, said: “I’m thrilled to see another gold 3PR package launching. The scheme now extends across North Essex – helping to improve road safety outside dozens of schools for thousands of pupils – and more and more headteachers are expressing an interest to join.”  

Cllr Martin Goss, Parking Partnership Member for Colchester, said: “I think 3PR is an incredible scheme, fully financed by NEPP, that is providing the resources needed to help keep Colchester’s pupils safer when commuting to and from school. They also provide schools with recourse needed to educate pupils, families and our local community around road safety at school gates.”  

Hannah McCann, Headteacher of Gosbecks Primary School, said: “At Gosbecks Primary School, we are committed to improving our pupils’ journey to and from school. The NEPP support has been excellent, helping us to set up the 3PR initiative so that we could engage with our local partners and educate our local community around road safety, especially at our school gates.   

“We are already seeing the positive impact because of the Park and Stride, and the 3PR Zone. More of our pupils are walking at least part of the way to school, making the area around our school calmer, safer and greener.” 

St James Church of England Primary School in Harlow are also launching a Silver 3PR Package today to further improve road safety outside the school.