Hire of ‘No Stopping’ Cones

The Parking Partnership are able to provide ‘No Stopping’ cones for special or planned events. Applications must be received at least 10 working days prior to the hire start-date, the form for which can be found on this page. Please read the terms and conditions of hire below before applying.


The Parking Partnership can provide ‘No Stopping’ Cones for special or planned events. This is permitted under TRA1984 c.27 s.67 (signage may be placed in emergency and for temporary obstructions). 

Applications must be received 10 working days prior to the hire date.  

All organisations and individuals wishing to borrow cones must allocate a lead signatory who will be required to read and understand this policy and sign a waiver agreement, taking responsibility for the placing of any cones and the costs of any loss of cones. 

Please note that there are no exceptions for charitable events as this is an administration function relating to traffic management. 


Placing cones onto the highway by individuals has no legal bearing and cannot be enforced by way of Penalty Charge Notice if other road users choose to ignore them. They are purely a deterrent unless supported by a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) or parking suspension.  

Temporary TROs and Suspensions

Event organisers who require road closures to stage an event, or the suspension of waiting and parking restrictions in the neighbouring roads as a part of the traffic management plan for an event will need to either apply for a suspension or a TTRO. 

A parking bay suspension is when a bay is suspended for use of those usually permitted to use it and prevents parking by all vehicles. This is commonly used in limited waiting and residential permit bays. A bay suspension can be applied for here.

A TTRO is a temporary parking restriction and would most commonly be used where either no restrictions currently apply, and a restriction is required, or where an existing restriction needs to be altered temporarily. Further details on how to apply for a TTRO can be found here.  Both options have variable costs but are more formal ways to prevent parking where it is necessary to do so.  

Fees and Charges

A fixed administration fee of £25 inc. VAT applies to any cone loan agreement and covers the cost of processing the application, taking payment, and arranging the loan of the cones. 

A schedule of fees also applies for the delivery and collection of cones by our Technical Team if this service is required. This will be agreed and added to the total fee which must be paid prior to delivery being confirmed: 

  • Up to 10 cones – £30 incl. VAT 
  • 11-25 cones – £50 incl. VAT 
  • 25+ cones – £100 incl. VAT 

There will be an additional charge of £15 for every cone not returned, which NEPP will invoice the applicant for post-collection or return.  

The loan will require the loanee to sign confirming they understand the costs, the legal responsibilities of placing cones and acknowledgement of the number of cones being provided. 

All payments must be made by debit or credit card.

Loan Arrangement

Once an application for cones is received via the NEPP website, this will be considered within 2 working days. If there are any queries, a member of the team will contact the applicant by telephone or email. Once the application is agreed, payment will be obtained by telephone at which point confirmation of the arrangement will be sent to the customer.  

Cones can be collected from one of the Partnership hubs (located in Colchester and Braintree) and must be returned to the same location on pre-agreed dates. If delivery and collection is required the location, date and time will also be agreed prior to payment being made. 

The partnership cannot agree to the long-term loan of cones, unless a TTRO or Bay Suspension is arranged. This includes for instances such as weekly markets, regular boot sales or similar events. In these circumstances it will be the responsibility of the District Council or event organisers to supply their own cones. 

Use of ‘No Stopping’ Cones for Roadworks

If you need to work on a highway, such as for utility works, you will need to obtain an Essex Works Permit from Essex Highways. This includes for works on footways and verges, as well the carriageway itself. More information can be found on the Essex Highways website.  

Provision of cones can then be applied for if a permit has been granted, or cones may be used by the contractor if they have their own. 

Application for hire of ‘No Stopping’ Cones

Apply for Parking Suspensions

To apply for a suspension of parking restrictions, please follow the link below.

Bay Suspensions