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NEPP Day of Action sends clear message to persistent offenders

On 21 September, NEPP civil enforcement officers (CEOs), in partnership with the Police and enforcement agents, carried out a successful Day of Action in Colchester to tackle persistent offenders who regularly park illegally in the city centre.

The officers stopped several vehicles on the High Street and received full payment for nine Warrants of Control for unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), totalling £915.75.

NEPP CEOs also issued 35 PCNs to drivers flouting parking restrictions and engaged with the public, who expressed safety concerns about food delivery couriers parking on the High Street.

Cllr Daniel Land, NEPP Chair, said: “We are pleased with the results of our Day of Action, and we will continue to take action against those who deliberately choose to ignore the parking rules. Parking restrictions are in place for a reason, and it is important that everyone complies with them. This is about targeting the right people and making our city centre and highways safer for all.”

Cllr Martin Goss, Colchester Borough Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Waste, added: “I am delighted to see that NEPP is taking action to tackle persistent parking offenders in the city centre.

“This is a safety issue, primarily, and I am glad that NEPP is taking steps to address it. I hope that this Day of Action will send a clear message to those who persistently ignore the rules that their behaviour will not be tolerated.”

NEPP is planning future Days of Action across North Essex.

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The City of Colchester is the former capital of Roman Britain. The city is full of picturesque villages and coastline which stretch between Mersea Island in the south of the city and Dedham Vale on the Suffolk border in the north.

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) are responsible for administering and enforcing both on-street and off-street based parking across the city of Colchester. The city provides a total of 22 secure public car parks and parking for more than 3,600 cars.

The service provides:

  • More than 2,500 spaces for short stay visitors.
  • Almost 300 spaces for long stay commuters.
  • Season tickets and exclusive use permits for certain car parks.
  • Designated spaces for disabled drivers.
  • 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Points available in Priory Street Car park.
  • Around 1,800,000 vehicles are parked each year in Colchester City Council car parks.
  • All aspects of the car parks service provided at no direct cost to the Council Tax payer.

For more information on Colchester City

Colchester Car Parks and Tariffs

Permits Available

Annual Resident Permits

  • First Permit (12 Months) – £78.00
  • Second Permit (12 Months) – £108.00

Priory Street Resident Permits

  • First Permit (12 Months) – £78.00
  • Second Permit (12 Months) – £108.00

Visitor Permits

  • 10 Stays (24 Hours) – £16.00
  • 10 Stays (6 Hours) – £8.00

Carers Permits

  • 12 Months – £36.00 (Please call 01206 282316 for further information)

Dedham Exemption Certificate

  • 12 Months – £30.00

Traders Permit

  • 12 Months – £250.00 (Please call 01206 282316 for further information)

Residential Car Park Permits

  • Including Bergholt Road, Walsingham Road, St Mary’s Surface Car Park, Alexandra Terrace, St. Julian Grove and Three Crowns Road. For information on these car parks, please call us on 01206 282316.
Blue Badge Information

Blue Badge Information

Resident or visitor permits are not required as a blue badge can be used at any time. Please see the car park tariff page for information on blue badge requirements within a car park.

The blue badge clock should be set correctly and clearly displayed on all permitted restrictions, which we highlight on our dedicated blue badge page.

Please read tariff boards and street signs for further advice. Blue badge holders can also refer to their blue badge scheme booklet.

Blue Badges are issued by Essex County Council Social Services. For any blue badge application queries, you can speak to their team on 0845 6037630 or apply online.

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About NEPP

About NEPP

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Latest News

Latest News

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Christmas Operational Update

Hand shown using NEPP's new website.

We are currently operating our services on a ‘business as usual’ basis, taking into account the pre-planned festive disruptions. We acknowledge that parts of Essex are currently in Tier 4 whereas others are, as things stand, in Tier 2.

Civil Enforcement Officer patrols are continuing in all NEPP districts, both on and off-street and resident permit schemes are operating as usual. Resident permits and visitor permits must therefore be used at all times, including where signage does not state ‘except bank holidays’.

Our business unit, including our customer services, are operating on a planned reduced service as is the case each year. Telephone lines will therefore only be open on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st December for customer queries before returning to normal operations on the 4th January 2021.

MiPermit will operate as normal throughout the festive period however their telephone lines will not be in operation until the 4th January. All other MiPermit services – including their app, website and SMS services – will operate in the usual way.

However in light of the tiered restrictions the Government is constantly reviewing, we will review all NEPP operations on the 4th January 2021 and provide further updates should additional operational measures need to be taken. Until this time, no further changes to our services are planned.

Parking charges suspended for key NHS workers

Hand shown using NEPP's new website.

PARKING charges have been suspended for critical health and social care workers.

Following an agreement with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) has suspended charges for key NHS workers.

The plan means NHS staff will not have to pay to park in council car parks or at the roadside whilst carrying out their frontline duties.

NEPP also plans to waive any fines received by health and social care workers while carrying out their duties over recent days.

Workers are encouraged and will be supported to appeal the fines, with supporting evidence from their employer.

Free parking will be in place until further notice.

Robert Mitchell, chair of NEPP, said: “Critical workers are doing vital and highly valued work, day and night, to support the most vulnerable in our society, save lives and keep our country running through this unprecedented crisis.

“The NEPP welcomes its role in helping key workers get to work – enabling them to park in on-street bays or council-owned car parks without having to worry about cost or time restrictions.

Click here to find out more about how NEPP responded to the Covid-19 pandemic

Patrol Update

We have been regularly reviewing our levels of enforcement since the imposition of the Government’s Covid-19 measures back in March 2020. All our patrols are being carried out as normal, however we have now suspended the enforcement of ALL single yellow line restrictions following a further review on the 19th March 2021. 

All other restrictions, including those within residential permit areas and car parks, are being enforced as usual. 

It is important to note that the single yellow line restrictions do still apply and that where any obstruction may occur, both NEPP and the Police may enforce accordingly.

Social distancing and other precautionary measures will always be practiced by our officers in line with Government guidance. Where necessary, postal PCNs may need to be issued for us to operate as safely as possible.

It is important we carry out patrols to ensure roads are safe and clear for all users – particularly emergency services, deliveries, waste and recycling collection vehicles and outside schools. We would ask motorists to be mindful of this and continue to park considerately, legally and safely to ensure the roads remain accessible and safe.