District: Epping Forest

Patrol and Enforcement Update

We have been regularly reviewing our levels of enforcement since the Government’s Covid-19 measures were first introduced in March 2020.

On 8 March 2021, all of our patrols returned to normal, however we suspended the enforcement of all single yellow lines restrictions to allow more flexibility for residents working from home. All other restrictions, including those within residential permit areas and car parks, were being enforced as usual.

In line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown and as restrictions ease and travel increases, from 17 May 2021, we will be patrolling and enforcing all parking and waiting restrictions, including single yellow lines.

In line with Government guidance, social distancing and other precautionary measures will always be practised by our officers. Where necessary, postal PCNs may need to be issued for us to operate as safely as possible.

It is important we carry out patrols to ensure roads are safe and clear for all users – particularly emergency services, deliveries, waste and recycling collection vehicles and outside schools. We ask motorists to be mindful of this and continue to park considerately, legally and safely to ensure the roads remain accessible and safe.

Key Worker Permit Update

Hand shown using NEPP's new website.

We have reviewed the NHS and Key Worker permit scheme that has been in place since March 2020.

In light of lock-down measures easing and with Government guidance encouraging employees to return to their workplaces where possible, we have made the decision to end the current permit scheme and replace it with a new scheme specifically for NHS Key Workers. This will align our scheme with the pre-existing Government permit, details of which can be found here.

All current permit holders have been contacted to provide further details on this decision and for how to apply for the new NHS specific scheme.

We would like to thank all Key Workers for their continued dedication to the national response to the pandemic and we are pleased that our temporary scheme has been so popular over what has been and continues to be, a difficult time.

Parking restriction to improve emergency access

Hand shown using NEPP's new website.

A temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) known as a Red Route is being introduced in Bromans Lane, East Mersea on 29 June. The TRO will see the current no waiting restrictions changed to no stopping at any time to address the current verge and on-street parking issues and allow emergency vehicle access.

The new measure, which has local support,aims to improve road safety and prevent problematic parking which has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic and caused road obstructions and reduced vehicular access.

Full details of the restriction can be viewed on the county’s online TRO mapping system once the TRO is active.

Red routes were first introduced in London more than 10 years ago and have tougher, zero-tolerance approach to traffic violations. A red route stops drivers from parking dangerously on the road, verges and in lay-bys, and prohibits stopping, loading or unloading, and boarding or alighting from a vehicle at any time.

Motorists visiting the area will still able to make full use of nearby local car parks, including the nearby Cudmore Grove Country Park car park.

The temporary TRO period will allow Essex County Council to monitor the scheme closely for 18 months. Before the end of this period, and if there is a need to amend the scheme, or make it permanent, a formal public consultation will take place, enabling members of the public to provide feedback on the proposals.

The restriction which will come in on 29 June 2020 has been requested by Essex County Council. The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) who manage on-street parking in the area, have actioned this temporary TRO on their behalf.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, Deputy Cabinet Member for Highways at Essex County Council and Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, and that people are keen to drive to enjoy outdoor spaces, like Cudmore Grove Country Park on Mersea. This has however, caused problematic parking along Broman’s Lane and this temporary measure will prevent parked vehicles from obstructing the road and ensure clear and safe road access for all users, including residents, visitors and emergency vehicles.”

Councilllor Mike Lilley, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Communities, Wellbeing and Public Safety, said: “This temporary red route is necessary to address the current issue in this particular location and improve road safety and access. The measure has local support and we encourage motorists to park legally, considerately and safely and make use of nearby car parks.”

The red lining for this TRO will be installed next week.