Partnership Permits

Partnership Permits are available to employees of the North Essex Parking Partnership’s partner authorities who require concessionary parking in certain locations in order to carry out their roles. From 6th March 2023 Partnership Permits, which have historically been paper-based, will move to the MiPermit digital platform.

Who does this apply to?

Employees who work on behalf of the NEPP’s partner authorities; Braintree District Council, Colchester City Council, Epping Forest District Council, Essex County Council, Harlow District Council, Tendring District Council and Uttlesford District Council. Only employees who require parking within certain restricted locations in order to undertake their roles are eligible. The permit does not allow you to park for personal use.

Where can I park?

A Partnership Permit will allow you to park in any Resident Permit Bay/Zone, Limited Waiting Bay or council-owned car park in any of NEPP’s partner districts. A stay must be activated via MiPermit when doing so.

What should I do next?

When your paper Partnership Permit expires, you will need to follow the instructions on this page to apply for a digital permit. You must activate a stay via MiPermit each time you park to carry out work duties.

Why are Partnership Permits going digital?

User Friendly

User Friendly

MiPermit allows for easier management of account details, with users able to amend vehicle registration details, personal details and renew their permits instantly, without having to display anything in their vehicles.



The move of Partnership Permits to a digital platform brings them in line with other NEPP Permits across the board, including Resident Permits, Visitor Permits and car park season tickets.

Monitor Usage

Monitor Usage

Digital permits will allow us to monitor usage, to better understand where and when staff make use of their permits and use this information to improve the service.

How to apply for a Partnership Permit?

You must apply for a digital Partnership Permit before your paper permit expires to ensure concessionary parking in any Resident Permit Zone, Limited Waiting Bay or Council-owned car park.

If you require this concession across multiple districts, you will need to apply for a Partnership Permit for each authority individually.

Please note that application for a permit alone will not allow you to park within the restricted locations. A digital stay must be activated for the relevant location each time you wish to use the concession.

Apply for a Partnership Permit on MiPermit

Visit the MiPermit online portal to apply for a digital Partnership Permit for any of NEPP’s partner authorities.


How to apply

Step 1: Select the authority for which you require a permit. If you require parking within multiple districts, you will need to apply for each individually.
Step 3: Complete the following fields

Proofs Upload – You are required to upload evidence to show your eligibility for a Partnership Permit. The NEPP will then review this evidence prior to authorising your application. Evidence may include either email correspondence with your line manager confirming a permit requirement, or letter-headed confirmation of your job role.

Date and Duration – Set the start date to the date you would like your permit to begin. The duration is fixed to 12 months, and you will be sent a renewal reminder email around 3 weeks prior to your permit’s expiry.

Permit Owner Details – Enter your personal details. You will also need to enter the name and email address of your line manager, who may be contacted to confirm your eligibility prior to authorisation.

Click “Finish”.

Please note: If you do not already have a MiPermit account registered to your work email address or telephone number, you will be asked to create an account before submitting your application.

Step 2: Select “Partnership Permits” from the list shown.

How to register a stay

It is important that you register a stay each time you park in any Resident Permit Zone, Limited Waiting Bay or Council-owned car park. Failure to register a stay may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being served. Each stay will have a duration of 2 or 4 hours, however if you wish to park for longer you have the option to create further stays.

There are two methods of registering a stay linked to your Partnership Permit; via the MiPermit app or via the MiPermit online portal.

MiPermit App

Step 1: Find your location on the map, either by using the “Nearest” feature or by searching for the location under the “Search” function.

Step 2: After selecting the correct location, click Pay to Park.

Step 3: Enter your vehicle registration, stay start time and duration of 2 hours. Select Continue.

Step 4: The details of your stay will be displayed. Once you have confirmed these are correct, click Create Stay.

MiPermit Online Portal

Step 1: Visit the MiPermit Portal and log in to your MiPermit account. This must be the account under which you applied for your Partnership Permit.
Step 2: Select “Pay for Special Parking” on the left-hand side.
Step 3: Enter your stay details in the fields shown. Select “Create Stay”.
Step 4: Check the stay details are correct. Click “Confirm Stay”.

What should I do if I receive a PCN?

If you have received a PCN you will need to submit an informal challenge via the link below. The NEPP are unable to consider challenges made by alternative means, including by email or phone, due to audit processes.

A PCN may be issued for various reasons including, but not limited to;

  • Parked in contravention of restrictions not covered by the Partnership Permit, such as yellow lines.
  • Suspected misuse, i.e. not parking for work purposes.
  • Obstruction of dropped kerb access.

To find out more information about enforcement, you can view our Enforcement and Discretionary Policy here.

Partnership Permit FAQs

Can I still use my paper Partnership Permit?

Your paper permit will remain valid until expiry, at which point you will need to apply for a digital permit.

I do not have a smart phone, how can I create a stay?

MiPermit stays can be activated in multiple ways, including via MiPermit’s online portal. Detailed instructions can be found in the “How to Register a Stay” section above.

You are also able to set up stays in advance, so could do this before travelling to the relevant location.

What should I do if I require parking across multiple authorities?

If you require parking in multiple districts, you will need to apply for a Partnership Permit for each authority individually. For example, if your job requires you to park within resident permit zones in both Colchester and Tendring, you will need to register for both a Colchester Partnership Permit and a Tendring Partnership Permit.

What evidence do I need to supply when registering for a Partnership Permit?

You are required to submit evidence when you register for a Partnership Permit to confirm your eligibility. Evidence to confirm your eligibility may include:

  • Email correspondence with your line manager confirming permit requirement, or
  • Letter-headed confirmation of your job role.

The partnership permit only allows me to create stays with a duration of 2 or 4 hours. What do I do if I need to park for longer than 4 hours?

Once you have created a stay you will have the option to register for further stays, at the same location, in 2 hour increments. There is no limit on the number of stays you can register at one time.

You are also able to set up stays in advance, so can set up a further stay beginning in 2 hours time when activating your initial stay.

My work vehicle is liveried, do I still need to create a stay on MiPermit?

Yes, it is essential that you register a stay for all stays within resident permit zones, limited waiting bays and car parks, despite using a liveried vehicle. A Penalty Charge Notice may be served if an active stay does not appear on our Civil Enforcement Officers’ handheld devices.

Where can I find the MiPermit location number for the road/car park I am parking in?

By allowing the MiPermit app to access your location, the map within the app will show you the locations closest to you.

Alternatively, you may find the location by searching the road/car park name using the search feature within the MiPermit app.

My vehicle is kept in a car park, how can I ensure it remains covered at all times?

Council-owned vehicles which are kept within Council car parks will be eligible for a new digital Partnership Season Ticket. If this applies to you, please email us at upon receiving your permit renewal letter and a season ticket can be set up.