We control numerous residential permit parking schemes in North Essex. These permit schemes are designed to protect the parking provisions of residents in areas where commuter parking is an issue or in locations that are close to town centre’s.

Each permit scheme will operate during times that are appropriate for that location and will apply on a Bank Holiday unless signage states otherwise.

Permits we offer within each scheme include resident and visitor permits, as well as options for carers and traders. Further details on the permits available are detailed within each district’s permit section below, along with application details and prices.

We issue most permits through a virtual permit system called MiPermit and applying for a permit is possible using the links contained within your relevant district below. Some permits, such as dispensations, are also issued through this system but require you to contact us directly first. Please call us on 01206 282316 for any assistance.

Details of the MiPermit virtual permit system can be found in our Permit Guide with general terms and conditions for our permit schemes also available below.


Download our Permit Guide

View our user-friendly resident and visitor permit guide.


Pay with MiPermit

MiPermit is our digital permit and cashless parking system. We use it in all our car parks and almost all the permits we issue are done so via this system.

Learn more about MiPermit, our digital permit and parking payment system on our dedicated web page.


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General Permits FAQs

What is a digital permit?

A digital permit is purchased online via MiPermit and replaces a paper permit.

No permit is required to be displayed within the vehicle as our Civil Enforcement Officers can check your details on their handheld machines.

More information on the MiPermit system can be found here:

How do I apply for a resident parking permit?

You can now apply for and purchase your resident permits online at the NEPP MiPermit portal.

Please note that you will require your council tax number in order to apply for a permit and that all applications are subject to verification. Failure to provide further supporting documentation for your application may result in cancellation of your permit at the discretion of the North Essex Parking Partnership.

Please call us on (01206) 282316 for further information or if you require any assistance in applying for your permit.

Who can apply for a Resident Parking Permit?

If you are a permanent resident living at a qualifying address, you can apply for a resident parking permit. Holiday, second or unoccupied properties are not eligible for a resident parking permit. Under the conditions of the Parking Order you will be required to supply:

Proof of residency, for example, copy of current tenancy agreement, driver’s licence, utility bill, etc. We also request a Council Tax reference number on application.

You may be asked to provide further evidence including proof of vehicle ownership or registration. We also retain the right to withdraw a permit at any time should insufficient evidence to support an application or system audit not be provided on request.

Where can I park with my permit?

Your permit entitles you to park in any available space for permit holders within the zone for which the permit is issued. A permit does not entitle the holder to park where there are waiting restrictions (single/double yellow line/s) or to exceed time limits. Permit holders are expected to use consideration when parking and to not block access ways etc. Permit holders who consistently park without consideration of others may have their permit withdrawn.

The issue of a permit does not carry with it any guarantee that a parking space will always be available.

When is a permit considered valid?

The permit is only valid when:

  • The expiry date has not passed
  • The original permit is on display within the vehicle – A photocopy of the permit is not acceptable (where paper permits are applicable)
  • The permit is displayed within the vehicle for which it was issued (where paper permits are applicable)
  • The particulars on the permit are clearly visible, legible, and have not been defaced in any way (Where paper permits are applicable)
  • The particulars on the original application form are still applicable

How do I display my permit?

If you are in receipt of a virtual permit, you will not need to display a permit in your vehicle, but a valid permit must be available on your online account.

If you have been advised you’ll receive a paper permit, when you receive your permit a complimentary holder will be enclosed with it. The permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle at all times when a restriction applies.

If you park without displaying a valid paper or digital parking permit, you may incur a Penalty Charge Notice.

What happens if I change my address?

You will be able to manage your address via your MiPermit online account. A pro-rata refund is offered as part of this process.

If you have a paper permit, you must return the permit to us immediately with your new address details, so we can refund any unexpired complete months by cheque.

All permits are non-transferable (it cannot be transferred to the new owner/tenant of the property).

It is an offence to use the permit if you do not live in the area and we do investigate any reports of permit fraud.

Does my vehicle registration number need to be accurate when entering into the system?

Yes. It is very important to make sure that when using the MiPermit system, that you register your vehicle accurately. This includes using a zero when appropriate rather than the letter ‘O’ and vice-versa. Any errors made when logging your vehicle registration mark with us could result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued as our Civil Enforcement Officers may not be able to validate any cashless parking stays created.

If you need assistance with creating your cashless parking stays or applying for a resident permit, please contact us on (01206) 282316.

Can I have more than one vehicle on my permit?

It is only possible to have one vehicle active on a permit at any one time. You are able to alter the registration on your permit at any time via the online portal or app.

If you require a second vehicle to park at the same time, you must purchase a second permit.

What happens if my paper permit is lost, damaged or destroyed?

The permit holder should apply for a replacement.

A fee to cover administration costs will be charged at £15.00 for a lost permit.

Damaged/destroyed permits must be surrendered to the Parking Partnership in order to obtain a replacement free of charge.

What if I am getting a courtesy car?

If you are in receipt of a virtual permit you will be able to amend your permit via your MiPermit account. You must change your vehicle back once you no longer have the courtesy car.

Please telephone the Parking Partnership immediately on (01206) 282316 for advice.

What if I change my vehicle?

If you have a digital permit, you will be able to amend your vehicle registration number via your online account or via the MiPermit app.

If you have a paper permit, you should telephone the Parking Partnership on (01206) 282316 with your new vehicle details. We will issue a temporary permit to cover the new vehicle, while you return your current permit to us for amendment, and send us proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Evidence can include either a copy of your registration document (logbook) or insurance document (must show your current address details). You will then receive your amended permanent permit in the post.

A new permit cannot be issued until the old one has been returned.

How do I renew my permit?

If you hold a MiPermit account, you will receive an email advising that your permit is due for renewal around 3 weeks before the renewal date. A link to renew your permit will be contained within this email.

If you have a paper permit, a renewal notice will be sent to you by post, approximately three weeks before your current permit end date. Please pay this as soon as possible so that we can send your new permit in advance of the current permit end date.

What if I have a visitor?

In most areas, a permanent resident who lives on a qualifying street, can apply for a digital temporary visitor parking permits. Paper permits are available at the moment but are being phased out.

You are also able to purchase visitor permits via your MiPermit account.

Prices vary per area. Please follow the link to your local Council area at the top of this webpage for more information.

Do I need a permit if I have a motorcycle?

Motorcycles parked within a resident permit holder only zone/bay are exempt from the requirement of displaying a valid resident/visitor permit.

When parking their motorcycle the resident/visitor is please asked to do so in a manner which takes up as little space as possible.

What happens if I don’t have a permit?

The parking regulations are enforced strictly.

If a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) comes across a vehicle in a permit parking area not displaying a valid parking permit (where paper permits are required) or with a valid digital permit on our system, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued and the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle would be held liable to pay the Penalty Charge.