Protecting Our Officers

Here at NEPP we recognise that we are a ‘front-line’ service. Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) are highly visible and an important part of the communities we cover. We have to ensure that we allow them to carry out their patrols as safely as we can.

Whilst we can’t fully control the environment we operate in, we are able to equip our Officers with technology designed to protect them and their wellbeing is our top priority. Unfortunately incidents are all too common ranging from verbal abuse, through to physical assaults.

Body Worn Cameras

All our CEOs are equipped with body worn cameras which are activated as and when our Officers deem it necessary to record an interaction with members of the Public. This is normally only reserved for instances of violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour. 

This allows us to submit reports of unacceptable behaviour towards our Officers to the Police with sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution. 

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Lone Worker Devices

All NEPP staff that operate on their own are deployed with lone worker devices. This ensures that if anything goes wrong whilst on shift, Officers are able to raise emergency alarms and for management to track their locations. 

This is a tried and tested technology and we have been using these for a number of years to help keep officers safe whilst on patrol.


We are pleased to say that we have been able to secure a number of successful prosecutions against offenders that have assaulted our CEOs. We retain an excellent relationship with Essex Police which has meant securing the evidence we need to support successful further action is possible.

This is a very important part of demonstrating to both the public and our Officers that we take offences that do occur very seriously.

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